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Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyers > Minneapolis Paraplegia & Quadriplegia Lawyer

Minneapolis Paraplegia or Quadriplegia Lawyers

The lifetime medical expenses related to a serious spine injury that causes paraplegia (paralysis in at least two limbs) or quadriplegia (all four limbs) often exceed $5 million. This figure is only the beginning. Such injuries also cause other economic losses, mostly related to lost wages and lost productivity. Additionally, these medical malpractice victims must endure almost unimaginable amounts of pain and suffering.

The relevant medical mistake is usually a surgical mistake or a treatment error. There is usually no such thing as “routine” surgery. Every procedure requires a great deal of skill and precision. The slightest error could cause a permanent injury. So, doctors must draw on every bit of experience and training they have during every procedure. As for treatment errors, some approaches are either too aggressive or not aggressive enough. Overly-aggressive treatments often have unwanted side effects. Other times, doctors might not adequately treat diseases like multiple sclerosis or Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can cause paralysis.

The compassionate Minneapolis paraplegia or quadriplegia lawyers at Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman understand the emotional distress these families and victims must endure. This emotional distress is infinitely worse when a doctor’s error caused the paralysis. So, we work hard to obtain maximum compensation in these matters. We are not just strong advocates in court. We are also effective negotiators. So, we are often able to settle these matters out of court.

Why Should We File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Frequently, victims hesitate to file legal claims in these situations. A legal claim does not reverse the serious injury. Furthermore, as for the medical bills, either the government, a private charity, or a health insurance company often pays them.

Indeed, no one can turn back the hands of time and reverse the effects of a serious injury. But, the available compensation makes these effects easier to deal with. Additionally, financial compensation means not having to depend on the kindness of strangers or government largesse.

A medical malpractice claim is not just about accepting responsibility for a past mistake. These claims also help prevent future incidents. If a Minneapolis paraplegia or quadriplegia lawyer obtains a large judgment, the matter makes the headlines and also encourages doctors to alter the way they treat their patients. No one wants to wind up in court.

How Do We Pick the Right Lawyer?

These claims are quite complex. Your lawyer needs the right combination of experience, dedication, and accessibility.

The experience should include both practice experience and trial experience. Practice experience gives your attorney familiarity with the issues in a medical malpractice case. Trial experience means your lawyer is willing to stay with you until the end of the line.

Dedication means commitment to medical negligence cases. These matters are very complex, so this area must not simply be a side-show for a general practice lawyer. Accessibility means your lawyer is available to meet with you and answer your questions.

As you evaluate possible legal representatives, bear in mind that the sooner you begin working with a lawyer, the sooner your lawyer begins fighting for you.

Reach Out to a Compassionate Hennepin County Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced paraplegia or quadriplegia lawyer in Minneapolis, contact Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman LLC by going online or calling 410-567-0800. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.

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