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Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyers > Minnesota Bleeding in the Brain Lawyer

Minnesota Bleeding in the Brain Lawyer

When an infant suffers from bleeding in the brain, it is known as a neonatal brain bleed. Bleeding in the brain is caused by a broken blood vessel that causes blood to leak into the brain tissue. Hearing that a child is suffering from a brain bleed is scary for any parent. However, the condition is not always serious. Although bleeding in the brain has the potential to be life-threatening, there are other cases in which it is considered quite insignificant.

Bleeding in the brain is not always caused by medical malpractice, but there are times when doctors and healthcare professionals can be held liable. If your child has been injured due to bleeding in the brain, our Minnesota brain bleed injury lawyer can help you claim the full damages you are entitled to.

What Causes Bleeding in the Brain?

Bleeding in the brain is caused by multiple factors. Premature babies are more likely to incur bleeding in the brain, as their circulatory system is not fully developed when they are born. Still, this does not mean that full-term babies will never experience bleeding in the brain.

Babies are at an increased risk of suffering from bleeding in the brain when delivery assistive devices are used, such as a vacuum extractor or forceps. A study has shown that these devices increase the risk of brain bleeds in newborns by five percent. When both of these tools are used, an infant is at even greater risk of suffering a brain bleed.

Symptoms of Bleeding in the Brain

The main symptom of bleeding in the brain is swelling in the scalp. Swelling does not always mean a brain bleed has occurred, though. Cephalohematoma and caput succedaneum are very common conditions at birth that can also cause swelling in the scalp.

As bleeding in the brain progresses and becomes a more serious condition, babies may emit a high-pitched cry and they may experience issues when feeding. The areas around the mouth and nail beds may also turn a bluish color. Apnea or seizures are also common when babies suffer from bleeding in the brain.

Are Brain Bleeds Preventable?

It is not always possible to prevent brain bleeds, but there are steps doctors can take to reduce the chances of one occurring. Doctors must monitor pregnant women and their risk of delivery prematurely. When the risk is present, a doctor may prescribe bed rest to increase the chances of the baby being born full-term. Additionally, C-sections cannot always prevent a brain bleed, but they can lower the risk of one occurring. Doctors must ask pregnant women if they would rather have a C-section or deliver vaginally with the use of forceps or a vacuum extractor. When absolutely necessary, doctors must order a C-section to reduce the risk of harm to the child.

Call Our Birth Injury Lawyer in Minnesota Now

If your child has suffered a brain bleed during birth, you may be able to file a medical malpractice to recover compensation for the injury. At Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman, LLC, our Minnesota birth injury lawyer can determine if negligence occurred and if so, will hold the appropriate party liable. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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